When will I be paid?

Pay is deposited to your bank account or debit card, weekly on Friday.

How will I be paid? 

All associates are paid by direct deposit to a bank account, OR by direct deposit to a debit card which we issue to you.

When do I need to submit my hours?

Time must be submitted each Monday by 9am Central Time.

How do I submit my hours?

Associates have access to the Candidate Portal (where you completed the onboarding paperwork), simply choose "My Time sheets" from the navigation bar at the top of the page. Associates may also submit time on the JobDiva MyTime App free from the App Store or Google Play Store. In some cases you may be required to complete a paper or electronic time sheet at the work site.

What if my supervisor is not available to approve my time sheet?

Please let your recruiter or Payroll know if your supervisor is not available to approve time. We will work with our client to approve time and ensure you are paid on time.

Does Certified hold back a week of pay at the beginning?

No, Certified does not hold the first week's pay.  Our pay week runs from Monday through Sunday with associates receiving payment on the following Friday.

What is the Certified App?

The Certified App is designed for job search and resume management. As a current associate, you might use it to keep up to date with new positions we post which you can contact your recruiter about.  You can also update and upload your resumes, keep track of applications and offer assignment feedback to our recruiting team.

What is the JobDiva MyTime App?

The JobDiva MyTime App is specifically for time and expense entry.  When time is entered using the app, the time card approver receives an electronic notification and will be prompted to check and approve time.

I cannot access my pay stub, what should I do? 

If this is your first time accessing your pay stub, you must first register at www.workforcenow.adp.com. If you are unable to register, please e-mail hroperations@certified.com as your personal registration code may have expired. If you have previously registered on the site and have been able to access your pay stub previously, please use the Forgot Password link to reset your password. The Certified team cannot reset your password.

If I need time off during my assignment do I need to let someone know?

Yes, please contact Certified's recruiting team immediately. We will ensure our client is aware and determine if a temporary replacement is needed for your role. If you are not submitting time for an entire pay week, we need to know that as well. This prevents us sending reminders to our client to approve or provide your hours when you are not on the job.


NEED MORE HELP?  Call 281.280.9500 to speak with Payroll, or a Recruiter.

Assignment and open position questions                        E-mail Recruiting at CertifiedRecruiting@certified.com

Onboarding paperwork questions                                     E-mail HR Operations at HROperations@certified.com

Paycheck and deposit questions                                      E-mail Payroll at Payroll@certified.com